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How to Get 17 Free Things You Didn’t Know Were Available on a Flight

Don't miss out on your next flight! Discover 17 cool free things you can get on a plane, even if you're flying economy. In this video by Portable Professional, Megan reveals the hidden perks airlines don't usually advertise. From secret snacks to special menu items, you'll learn about the various complimentary items flight attendants can provide—if you know to ask. Did you know you can request a variety of drinks beyond the standard beverage cart offerings? Or that some airlines offer free comfort items like blankets, pillows, and even eye masks to help you rest better during your flight? Additionally, many airlines provide complimentary entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, and music, accessible through your personal device or the seatback screen. The video also covers lesser-known freebies, such as kids' activity packs, extra portions of in-flight meals, and special dietary options. You'll even find tips on getting free toiletries, first-aid supplies, and assistance with travel essentials like headphones or earplugs. Enhance your flying experience without spending extra. Megan, the Portable Professional, teaches you how to make the most of your flight with these insider tips and enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable journey. Don’t miss out on these fantastic free perks on your next trip!

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